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Farm to Table

Our Pasta is made fresh every day in house.  We use 100% Australian Durum Wheat which comes from the Bellata region, in the heart of the 'Golden Durum Triangle' in North West NSW near Tamworth.  A product that is exported across the world and which the Italians believe is truly of premium quality. Our eggs are 100% free range and sourced from local suppliers.


We currently work with local suppliers from the Riverina and Murray districts.  Our Fish arrives from the Sydney and Melbourne Fish Markets all with 24 hours of being caught.  Murray Pure supply the majority of our beef cuts and we have access to local lamb from Junee.  Our Primary Lamb supplier is from the Southern Riverina, a property called 'Jilamationg'.  Our micro herbs come from Tallangatta and we use local Honey to the Wagga Wagga region.  

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